The summer of discontent

The weather isn’t the only thing disappointing about this summer. It’s been hot, sticky and windy. But I’ve been so busy with work that I haven’t had much time to relax with family or friends. And the time I do have off, is spent doing the chores I’m too tired to do after work during the week.

I wish I could travel more. I’d love to take more trips by motorcycle, but my wife doesn’t ride. I don’t much like solo road trips anymore, and I find myself getting homesick much earlier when I’m on the road. Maybe it’s age. Maybe it’s just all in my head. But I like the company of other people too much.

Our son is going off to college next month. My wife is anxious. So am I, for different reasons. She’s losing her baby. I’m wondering if I’ll get mine back. We used to spend so much time traveling when we were younger, and unencumbered with children. I’m hoping that we get to discover that part of our relationship all over again.